Wednesday, June 25, 2008

still going... no help from Adam.

Today is a good day - a day of celebration!

Today we were able to place over 60 videos on close to 10 different video sharing sites. And it took the same amount of time it takes to upload one video, to one site.

How did we find a way to do the video upload work of 10 men... TUBEMOGUL - that's how! This new site makes it possible to upload your video to multiple websites without the multiple uploads, and that means lots more video viewers for you and me.

Check tubemogul out here: - especially if you make and upload videos to youtube - find ten times the audience using

And now that makes it possible to upload our videos to multiple sites, you can find us at all of the following video watering holes...

Oh and to add to the mound of video road dust - check out the close to 600 picture slide show I was able to throw together using the myspace slide show function - Can you believe your eyes... over 6 months and close to 600 whack job pictures!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adam - I challange you to a LIVE on-air chat.

Seeing as the Adam Curry part of our trip won't go away, and THIS COMMENT made me think... why not end this with a LIVE on-air chat of sorts.

So Mr. Curry - you up for a live on-air chat?

If not for me, do it for the curious DSC listener that I personally hear from all the time... I'd love to put this subject to rest once and for all.

Adam makes me sick...