Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ron Bloom is also a douche bag! is the new podshow.
It is still run by Adam Curry and his right hand man - Ron Bloom - please don't let the names fool you, Ron Bloom is juat as much an entertainment criminal as Adam Curry - Mevio is just as lame as podshow - they lie, their fraudulent about hits, advertisers - beware, content providers, artists and anyone they might approach, check out the anti-hype - google, do your research!!!

We were screwed by Ron Bloom, Adam Curry, Podshow and Mevio - this is fact.
We do this site out of obligation to fellow creators as much as a outlet for out frustrations.

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Anonymous said...

ron bloom is a total douchebag. i worked for him years ago and it was hilarious how important he thought he was. he wanted me to make a hair appointment for him and told me to "tell them who i am" when making it. um, nobody knows or gives a shit about who you are. such a sleaze bag. he doesn't even talk a good game...he oozes such obvious b.s. with every word.