Monday, September 22, 2008

why? because adam curry lies, cheats and steals...

Hate Adam?
Nominate our show for the Podcast Awards and maybe make an example.

It's a long story, most of it housed here, the rest will be in the book and dvd.

The short version - Adam made a deal with us, fucked us around, and was shocked when a "podcaster" would stand up to the "podfather". We held our ground and he continued to try and destroy our project.

As we near the end of our year long journey, and talk to podcasters, bloggers and vloggers, 98% agree that he has raped the podcasting culture.

A nomination for A YEAR AT THE WHEEL is a vote against fucking over the artist/creator and not just an anti-curry vote.

You can nominate us for two catagories - here's the info and our suggestions.

thanx in advance.

Please nominate us in these two catagories - "People's Choice" & "Best Video Podcast"


Mikael said...

Post been up so long and not a single comment? Moderate much? Can't stand all the people who don't hate Adam?

Anonymous said...

I havent commented before because doesnt really facilitate the venting of the bile of hatred I have stored for AC. I regularly listen to the NA podcast and AC just talks over JCD, schreeching in his 'fork scrapped across a plate' voice. taking various things Jon says that are quaint or amusing and constantly repeating and adding to it ad nauseum til the original comments impact is lost. Take Jons "to all ships at sea" comment. AC jumps all over it now its. boots on the ground, hands in the air etc etc etc. Just as Jon makes a good point, he plays a jingle over him (dont get me started on his jingle obsession). Really cant stand the guy. I have no ill will against him. Its his personality that inspires anger and irritation. Not enough space here to say what I wanted fully. Maybe I will buy and vent it all on there.