Monday, November 19, 2007

New Media - New Rules...

Today - November 19th 2007 We, the folks behind PROJECT A YEAR AT THE WHEEL put Adam Curry on trial in the court of public opinion.

Podshow and Adam Curry are old media dressed in new media clothing!

If you're a sponsor who'd like to show Mr. Curry how it's done, if you're a viewer who wants to keep us on the road, or if you're a lawyer and/or PR person who wants to help spark the new-media revolution -contact us today!!

You can download the actual Adam Curry audio from his podcast "The Daily Source Code" CLICK HERE 2 HEAR

Read on for actual lies from the "podfather" Adam Curry.

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1. Bio-Diesel
2. Keep "transportation" on the road.
3. cover expenses
4. compensation for content
5. comfort on the road
6. help finding places to stay
7. help scoring bio-diesel
8. Adam will appear at the November 4 press conference in Chicago, podshow will help pack the house.


All Adam Curry comments are in italics

ADAM CURRY SAYS pt.1 : So here’s what I propose to you guys I would love nothing more than to have you spend a year at the wheel in Trinity. And here’s the commitment I’ll make: We will make sure that she stays on the road, either we’ll do it, or we’ll do it with help from Mercedes Benz who may have to provide a sweep up van to pick up all the bits behind her but that should be relatively doable. I think the engine will hold up, hold together, just about every single part has been replaced so that should work.

To cover your expenses, not just the expenses of what your doing but really for producing the content I’d like to compensate you. I’d like to pay you to do that and that’s where I’d like the community to kick in and help you guys determine where you’re going to go... and can you imagine how awesome it will be to have a bio-diesel car show up on super Tuesday. I mean it seems so logical to me so there ya go. I think we finally have something, now I don’t know if I can get sponsors in but I will commit. If you guys will commit to staying on the road for a year and doing it in Trinity, I’ll commit to keep the car on the road and I will compensate you guys for doing this and for actually. I’m looking at I don’t see any sponsors. Do you guys have any sponsors? No not yet huh, ok, so if you’re interested let me know because I think we finally have something and we can still hit all the people that were interested in participating. You’ll just stop by and say hi to everybody and we’ll create pod cast and video stuff and we’ll cause a ruckus and we’re gonna get noticed, I know we will its all about independence, you 2 seem like very independent spirits so apparently you can do this; you can f off for a whole year and drive around….. I’m insanely jealous let me tell you that, so that’s my thought. Love to hear from you guys... Open Kimono time – I appreciate the feed back.

ADAM CURRY SAYS pt.2 : I’m very excited about this, very very excited. Now we’re gonna do this with or without sponsors, I’m gonna have to do something with the paint job for Trinity we’ve got to put some logos and stickers and some shit and get her ready and ramped up and um we have a little bit of time cause they want to get it kicked off in November. So that actually works out very well for me and gives us a definite date to work towards and we can do a lot of stuff a lot of prep along the way, so we have some time so I’m Very very excited thank you you guys for accepting, can’t wait to talk to you over the weekend and we’ll get everything kicked off.

ADAM CURRY SAYS pt.3 : ok November 4 press conference in Chicago we gotta have a lotta people coming its gonna be fun we’ll throw a party somehow I like it you crazy kids, we’re now working out budgets its gonna be, tis still a big project even though its not a big project, it is a big project cause I wanna make it rock. I want these guys to be comfortable on the road and I want em to be able to get us as much material as possible. Really like this idea of the changing year , people looking at alternatives not just for alternative energy but just for alternatives in general, its an election year, I think it’s a really good tie in and lets talk to people, lets find out what there thinking on day to day basis. Its gonna be pretty darn awesome.

ADAM CURRY SAYS pt.4: they have a route all mapped out, we have to start filling that route up with a basically places where they can stay, or places where they can score some bio-diesel or maybe just some old veggie oil and take it over to someone else’s place and turn it in to bio diesel.


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