Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Adam "Podfather" Curry Proves Himself A Real Life Douche Bag

CHICAGO, IL - Adam Curry, former MTV VJ and more currently known as a pioneer in podcasting has proven himself to be a real "Douche Bag" says one podcasting couple.

Shane and Amy Bugbee went to Adam Curry in July 2007 with their plan to travel the country for a full year podcasting and making videos for a daily show called A YEAR AT THE WHEEL (, Curry was thrilled at the idea and immediately promised the couple his bio diesel car known as "Trinity", he also promised to pay their expenses and pay for the content they would be creating. He made all of these promises on the internet airwaves of his own show 'Daily Source Code'.

Shane and Amy could not believe their ears, but several calls with Curry and representatives from his company PODSHOW had them believing Curry really was "The Podfather".

For several months the two planned their trip and prepared for the arrival of the bio diesel car. PODSHOW kept in contact with the couple promising a deposit check and a contract would be forthcoming. But, no check ever came, no contract was ever finalized, and on November 1st, no car arrived. Further communications from PODSHOW promised support and dedication, but failed to produce any results.

With no money for an attorney, the couple has decided to take Adam Curry and PODSHOW to the court of Public Opinion by creating a website called ADAM CURRY IS A DOUCHE BAG dot com. Here the curious can listen to Curry's audio promises and follow the timeline of what happened.

A YEAR AT THE WHEEL ( refuses to be brought down by the incident, they are now collecting donations in a new media manner offering a BUY A DAY option for supporters, businesses can pay them to wear their t-shirts, or put a company sticker on their car, and Amy is offering to bake cookies for folks in their home for $100 a pop. They moved their negative experience with Curry to it's own site as not to taint their positive road show.

"We received so many emails about the Adam Curry debacle that we had to address it," Says Shane, "At the same time, we did not want to keep reliving it on our website, which is about our great trip and not about a business deal gone bad".

• Check out A YEAR AT THE WHEEL ( for daily episodes and updates on the journey of Shane and Amy Bugbee.

• Go to ADAM CURRY LIES ( or ADAM CURRY IS A DOUCHE BAG ( to see for yourself what happened.


Dan Patterson said...
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Anonymous said...

you sound bitter because you didn't get a free car and a payment to drone on for a year on a podcast.. after reading this drivel it sounds like you have nothing to say on air and it would have been a wast of a car on a couple sad junkies. sorry to be harsh but you come across and pathetic.


free? never. it was a deal... a legal deal. it was a trade off work for on-going support/pay.

pathetic to me is making a public deal and slithering out of that deal.

we're posting the book in segment, in and at the blog section of our book/movie website...